anti conscription conference

Anti Conscription Conference 100 Year Anniversary

anti conscription conferenceWe are delighted to have the Lord Mayor of Dublin in the Round Room today for the Anti Conscription Conference. There will be some fantastic speakers taking the stage today.

The one-day conference marks 100 year anniversary of the Mansion House Conference against conscription. Originally chaired by Lord Mayor Laurence O’Neill on 18 April 1918 at Dublin’s Mansion House. Conscription into the British armed forces had not been extended to Ireland during the First World War, and Irish nationalist representatives who supported the British war effort stressed that the key condition of such support was the non-imposition of conscription in Ireland.

However, in Spring 1918 successful German offensives on the Western Front forced the British government to draw up plans to impose conscription in Ireland in order to replenish its armed forces. The successful and co-ordinated political opposition to this move is seen as a crucial milestone in securing support for the separatist republican cause in Ireland in the months prior to the end of the war and the December 1918 election.